Gift Giving

Gift Giving brings joy to people who receive it. Giving the right gifts will definitely enlighten others, thus showing love and care in the most significant way.

Gift receivers can be anyone; he/she can be a neighbor, lover, spouse, family member, relative, friend, teacher, coworker, a person who is special to you or has helped you through difficult times.

Gift Giving is important because:

  • It tells others how much you love them. How much you love someone special to you or how much you care for them can be hard to describe only in words or just saying it. Gifting brings special memories, with people being able to tell stories about what happens between the gift giver and the receiver.


  • It brings excitement and joy. During special occasions like birthdays, it brings excitement and an eager spirit to unwrap the gifts. No matter what the content of the gifts is, people will feel happy and content to have received a gift from another.


  • When you give, you will also receive. When you give others gifts, you will also receive gifts from others. There will be a mutual gifting going on and both parties will benefit from it, in the way that both sides will feel contented, and cherish each other more.


  • It opens up your heart with love and compassion. When you give gifts, it shows your care about others. Sometimes, gifting makes you think hard and well about the intended receiver, as you would think out of the box trying to get the right choice of gifts for him/her. Eventually, the more you give, the more love you are expressing to others. People need love.


  • It bonds people closer together. Gifting brings people closer together. It makes people appreciate others more, understanding how important it is to have each other by their sides.




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