New Year Resolution Ideas for College Students

It’s time to make the resolution on the new year. You should make the new year resolutions regarding to your life, health and career. Here are some resolution ideas for college students.

Enough and Proper Sleeping:

Your motto should be getting enough sleep on the occasion of new year. You can start from this year to reform your grades and improve your health. When you do study and feel very tired during the study, and then take a rest at least 20 minutes. So, get enough sleep with proper timing.

Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Taking a healthy breakfast in the morning, it will improve your concentration and memory. If you don’t take the breakfast in the early morning, then it will be harmful for your body. So, make a daily routine, in which mentioned the exercise daily and take breakfast daily with fresh fruits.

Ring your Parents:

If you are living away from your home and your parents are missing you. Then you need to ring to your parents. You parents will be very happy to hearing your voice.

Get an Internship:

Find a company that provides to you an internship for 3-4 months. You need to join a company to learn their work. What type of work and which type of company are suitable for you after the completion of graduation? It is necessary for you to join the super grade company.

Give Your Last/Past Semester Books to Juniors:

It will be a good habit for you if you give your past semester books to your juniors. Junior will be very glad to seeing that. You can also recommend to your junior for notes or any study related works.

Spend Money with Limitation:

You should notice in your mind that the money should spend with limit. You should save your money as possible. Money is the important part of any person. Without money, no honey means that without money, the life is not possible. You can’t live without money.

Learn to Cook at Least One Thing:

You should to cook at least one thing. If you are living away from your parents then you need to learn the cooking. If you have more time then you can cook anything like khichdi, Poha and rice etc.

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Read 12 books or Watch 12 Movies:

Are you want to read something new or want to watch the movies on the new year? I think you should read the books and after that you should watch the movie, which has a good script and a faithful story.

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