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● presentation tool of ring shaped design that allows the presentation more effective that you can use hands free. ● button layout to prevent wrong push of a button operation inherent in presentation during the consideration of the priority of the operation. ● Laser Pointer Pen type: can be mounted in (model fit some 32mm more space for mounting and φ13 ~ 14.6mm body axis diameter). I can upgrade “back-page feed” to function with a reasonable price. ● Material / Body: PC · ABS, ring section: PC · elastomer, receiver: PC ● communication method / RF (radio wave) method · 2.4GHz frequency band ● Weight / Body: (including battery), ring Small about 12g (laser pointer for): about 4.5g, receiver: (LR43 · for trial), ring small (for laser pointer), storage pouch ● Battery life / continuous use Please use. ● Supported OS: Japanese Windows XP · Vista · 7 · 8, Japanese Mac OS 10.5 · 10.6 · 10.7 · 10.8 ● corresponding PowerPoint (Mac of intel Corp. processor-based): Windows for 2003 · 2007 · 2010 · 2013, Mac (playback of the slide show, it can not be operated) ※ This product is ordered and PC dedicated Keynote ’08 · ’09: Keynote corresponding ● (can not be operated run a slide show on Mac for 2008) iodide 2008-2011. It can not be used in the product alone.

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